Who we are and what we do


The family company was founded in 1964 by Gabriel Bogataj, whose father had already been dealing with manufacture of concrete components. Bogataj Gabriel initially started with the production of concrete roofing tiles which can still be found in Notranjska roofs. In addition to concrete sewage pipes and various building elements he continued making concrete windows, which still account a large part of the production. At the beginning of the nineties, along with his son Viljem, who now leads the company, he began producing the concrete barriers and finally decorative concrete products. Company remains small and in the hands of the family – including Viljem’s eldest son, working already several years in the company – because we believe that this way we can provide quality and continuity of our products and offer.

While decorative products are made of a mixture of high-quality white cement, building materials usually are made of gray cement and local sand, with special additives to achieve the needed strength and resistance to weathering. Products may be preweathered (a special coating, which achieves an impression of old) or white. They may also be coated, and thereby get luster stone, which is suitable in particular for interior decoration. With the help of special additives and by altering the base materials, most different effects and colors can be achieved. We offer a wide variety of styles and shapes in a wide variety of products, from rustic to modern, each of them donate an additional unique elegance to your environment.

Each product requires a lot of time, knowledge, and manual labor. Our company remains small and keeps the focus on quality. You can name a whole range of representative structures at home and abroad, to which a company Cement Products Bogataj successfully exported, mostly to demanding markets such as Italy, Germany and France. We work with a variety of large and small businesses, and of course directly with you, the consumers.


Petelinje 114, Pivka 6257, Slovenija


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