Balustrades, fences

Baluster is a concrete fence elements which form a balustrade. They are rustic shaped concrete pillars, which can be used as a fence along with a footing and coping of a parapet. Baluster is suitable for bridges, garden fences, parks, balconies… they make the best choice because of their well made structure and their looks. In our company we give a lot of attention to quality and therefore we dedicate a lot of time to each baluster separately. This way you will be more than pleased with our product.


We have been making fences since the beginning in our company. They are made from high quality gray cement and a strong reinforcement of metal. In addition to strong structure and good barrier fence, it will also be a nice addition to your garden that will serve for many years.

We also have several other balustrades and fences to choose from in our offer, which are not shown on our website. It is best to contact us, or visit and together we will find the right solution for your environment.


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