Columns, Pedestals, Lamps, Pavilions

Concrete pedestals are suitable to use with almost every product. They work out well as a stand for the statues, flower pots, columns, lamps, decorative items or simply as a table. We have several types of pedestals, from simple to a little more complex shaped, imitation of columns (Ionian, Dorian, Corinthian). Sizes are from 20cm to 70cm.

Columns or pillars are quality made and they will add a more attractive appearance to your home. We offer different types of columns with different heads. Columns are hollow inside, so they are not too heavy and allow subsequent casting of concrete for construction. Pillars may also be intended purely as a stand-alone decorative element.


Pavilion is large structure that has multiple purposes. In our offer we have pavilions that consists of columns and various arcades. You can choose the length by your own needs.

We also offer several types of lamps that can brighten your garden and make it unique. We have low lamps and high lamps as well.

We also have several other pedestals, columns and lamps to choose from in our offer, which are not shown on our website. It is best to contact us, or visit and together we will find the right solution for your environment.


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