Water fountains are extremely suitable for use in gardens or in a large house vestibule. Water fountains are concrete products where water is poured from top to bottom and moves up with a help of a pump. It creates a pleasant view and sound of water. We produce fountains where water splash several feet in the air, and smaller ones more suited for smaller places in the garden or indoors. Water fountains can also be multistorey, where the water is poured from one to another. In our offer you will surely find such water fountains that will meet your needs.


We offer small fountains from 60 cm, up to 230 cm. Since most of them are made of multiple pieces, they can be combined in order to create a unique fountain. The product may be coated or prewatered. There is already a built-in pump that drives water. The fountain can make your surroundings look completely different, and you will have by far the most beautiful garden or the interior of the house.

We also have several other fountains to choose from in our offer, which are not shown on our website. It is best to contact us, or visit and together we will find the right solution for your environment.


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